Build suggestions please

So, I’m a couple of weeks into my LE experience, and whilst I’ve encountered a few bugs, the overall experience has been fun.

I have a paladin at level 58 and thoroughly enjoying it, and have some lower level characters as well as I play around with builds.

Now I’m hoping the community can suggest some builds for me to focus on, because frankly the number of options and choices is immense.

I’m not massively enthused by the primalist, but pretty much any other class, whether ranged or melee is on the table.

Any suggestions of good endgame (600+ corruption ???) would be awesome. And if there is a link to a build guide, even better.

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Hello, Dusk69.

First of all, based on your other thread, I wanted to congratulate you. Playing first with your own characters, experimenting and learning the mechanics for yourself is, in my opinion, the best way to approach this kind of games. So well done.

Now, it is natural that after this first experience, and with much more understanding of the game, you want to look at builds to get more ideas and push deeper.

I won’t give specific builds, because as you already noticed, the number of viable options is huge. But here are a few places you can check: has recently pretty much cornered the market, thanks to the very wise policy of hiring some of the most experienced and knowledgeable LE players to write their builds (McFluffin, LizardIRL, etc…).
You can find some very good starter builds there. Most are pretty simple, but they can help you consolidate your own ideas.

Another super-important resource is Dammit is doing an incredible job, and along with his amazing builder, you can find many, many builds there.
But perhaps too many, as they are not really sorted or explained, it can be overwhelming.
Still well worth a visit or twelve.

But in the end, I believe the place where you can find the best builds are the very forums we are on now.
The builds here are more original and usually deeper than on any other site, and they get discussed by the more experienced players around, allowing you to really understand them and compare different approaches.
Just browse through the different classes categories, find something that appeals to you, and read a few comments to see what people say about them (again, most people around here have very reliable and well argumented opinions).
Any build mentioning 0.9 will obviously be directly usable, and most of the 0.8 builds will also still work decently enough to take you easily to empowered monos (although some tweaks will probably be required later as there has been a few changes, but it’s part of the fun).

Good luck in your explorations, traveller!


Thanks for the assist. So far the community here has been great. Really helpful.
I’ll check out some of the resources you mentioned and see how I go!

Hey Dusk,
first of I want to echo what Houlala already said.
Great to see you going in with your own first character. I really think this helps immense prepare you for future characters.

Now to your request.

I really don’t want to sound rude but going from lvl 58 to a build that will handle 600+ corruption is quite the big jump and quite frankly one that I would not recommend as a goal. Sure if you will choose a build that can handle this that’s great but I don’t think that this high of a corruption is needed to experience some “end game”.

I am an adversary of build guides and thus cannot really recommend you anything, also no detailed other builds.

I could only give you some rough ideas where I know there are ways to handle high corruption. This is is obviously very personal and overall most of these skills are not really popular (I always play the weird Hipster stuff :P)

  1. Crit Harvest Lich
    Probably the most straight forward build in this list. Very easy and smooth to gear and the build can literally be played in it’s most basic form and soon and you unlock Harvest and Bone Curse which are unlocked before level 10.
    There is a reason why I made a unique for this build, because this is literally the reason I am playing LE. (I saw a video of Harvest being a available skill before EA launch and instantly bought the game). But no uniques are required for this. With only T15-T20 rares you will be able to go 300+ corruption

  2. Erasing Strike Void Knight
    Slow heavy hitting skills have a hard time competing with all these super fast high dps builds, but ES is definitely the skill that comes the closest to competing within that slower hard hitting category. ES can be played as a standalone skill or as a combo skill with Void Cleave. The “Implements of Destruction” Node gives you great agency over how you want to play this skill. Big Bonk? Go Mace. A little faster and more reliable sustain dps? Go Sword.
    As a high endgame option, once you have access to all passives and some idols for Time Rot/Bleed Chance you can go Final Hour, one of my all time favorite build changing Noteables in any Skill Tree. It is totally worth the investment and will skyrocket your damage.

  3. Lightning Lethal Mirage Blade Dancer using the Flow Passive of the Bladedancer
    This is probably the most Hipster and atypical build I have ever played. All your damage relies on a cooldown skill. Echo clearing can be a pain but the build is just to satisfying. Using all your 4 other skills to setup this one cooldown skill that will literally annihilate everything is so damn satisfying.
    Without exegerating I One-Comboed Shade of Orobyss with this in Empowered (without any major defensive modifiers though).
    You literally click the button and the boss disappears.

I want to Emphasize again that all these builds are things you will not hear a lot about simply because they all kinds don’t fit most of the standard people expect from ARPG builds. I personally played all of these builds beyond 300 corruption but the Crit Harvest one is the only one I can comfortably say it can handle 600+ corruption (my personal highest with that build was 900 corruption, but only for testing purposes, I usually farm 300-500 corruption because it’s simply more consistent and less of a hassle)

But if I peaked your interest with any of these builds and you want more details about gearing, skill specs etc. just let me know.

Edit: There is one Build Guide from a friend of mine, which I could recommend to you. It is a bit outdated but most of it still holds true. Also the greatest value of this build guide is its very in depth and beginner friendly approach. It not only teaches you the build, but it also does teach you game basics like crafting and how to look out for things you want/need.

[0.8.2] Wast3d's Lightning Blast - Showcase & Beginner's Guide

You’ve never played any of mine…

My (current) favourite is Multistrike with Channelled Flurry. Yes, it’s clearly abusing something that’s not quite working right, but you get so many arrows.

Funnily enough, one of my current characters, still pretty low level, is based around a harvest crit lich.

I think I’ll see how far this current paladin will take me. I think I’ll end up speccing back into fire at some point, it just looks cool and is fun to play.

If you want to continue with your paladin, you’re at the perfect level to immediately start with the build I run. I made a build guide on LET that can be found here: Judgement Aura Paladin Build Guide (Beta 0.9.2) - Last Epoch Build Guides

If you can handle Primalist, Herald of the Scurry aka ‘the squirrel build’ is easy to play and dumb fun and pushes nearly all content in the game.

I’ve been having an absolute blast with my acid flask bladedancer. Take the acid flask passive that spawns poison pools, take the smoke bomb passives that spawns shadows every second and increases smoke bomb’s duration.

Drop smoke bomb, start chucking flasks, and your shadows will follow suit. The world becomes an ocean of green death.

I like judgment aura din. I’ve tried couple of mouths ago and it’s really fun and very thanky