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Build Sharing + Build Planner

Great game.

I’d love for there to to be a way to edit/plan out your builds with a build planner, that allows to to mess around with different options and maybe even a small room where you can throw a couple of different level monsters to test things out.

On top of that it would be great if I could click a button on the character sheet to copy that build (or a link to the build) so that it can be shared with others to either play with by themselves or to get comment on current ongoing runs or planned builds from the forums or discord.

If choose to use someone elses build in a run, then it could automatically make the required selection when you level up. (or restrict your tree to the things that are needed for that build)

Thanks for the suggestion!

@Mike_Weicker is intending to work on a build planner (though likely not during our alpha).

I’m not sure how we’d feel about the game automatically making allocation decisions for you, however. Even if you’re choosing a specific guide, it’s still a form of gameplay automation.


Good morning @Sarno

This is something that was on my mind in the first hour of play this game. Well up to a point, the skills are placed alone on the bar as we go up from level. The truth is that it does not bother me, but we all at the end up using practically the same active skills (although the passive tree will be different).

Maybe it would be interesting to prove/test that users/players choose the active skills themselves. For example, you reached level 4, you can choose one of these 2 skills. In this way at the time of the release of the multiplayer (I hope that for the beta in April we have it) we could see two acolyte in a party with different attacks, differents builds and differents kind of damage. Maybe you did this test before the release of the alpha.

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I like that idea actually. The choice between a few skills when you level up.

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