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Build Question/Critique

So that’s my current character. I had a Bastion of Honor drop and figured I’d try out a build around it.

Originally, I was planning on doing a Shield Bash build for single target and Multistrike for clearing. Let me tell you, getting to 50 sucked -_-;; Then I realized that Shield Bast just doesn’t seem to scale in the way I imagined it would and put it on a proc basis with Shield Rush/Lunge (going back and forth here). I kept Forge Strike as it hits hard and provides some more buffs/debuffs and was using Multistrike with the nodes for more dmg at max armament and more dmg per armour as I can easily hit 4k+ armour running around getting poked.

My question here is what would you do? Would you go with Rive like I am doing atm with 3rd strike already critting and base it off crit multi eventually, or stick with Multistrike and go that route? Multistrike seems like it isn’t scaling as good as Rive for w/e reason even with all the additional damage increases in the tree. It’s a cool skill I wanna use, but fully buffed now I only hit like 10k or so tooltip with it never really getting to those #'s.

Sigh, any input would be great. BoH is making things tickle so I really wanna use this somehow even if it means being more tanky and not going zoom zoom damage.

I’m currently in the campaign with a Forge Guard, also with Shield Bash. I use it mainly to ignite mobs. I also use Vengeance to shred Fire Resistance. And I use Forge Strike to apply Ignite AoE, but I’m not sure for this last one and I may switch to Ignite Forged Weapons if I can find the right affixes.
If you’re not sure, I would probably go Rive.