Build (partial) >> 0.7.8f << Necromancer ("Warding army")

Hey, this is not a complete build, but pretty powerful defensive mechanic which makes you tankier, and replenishes mana almost instantly but you have to keep casting :slight_smile:

The idea is using rip blood maxed out direction Marrow Drinker + Arcane Fortress (left and right in the tree). You absolutely need Hematology as well, to take advantage of your intellect.

Naturally you need minions to cast it on, using ‘Summon Wraith’ is the easiest. Please note you need several minions for it to work effectively

In the passive tree and items maxing out intellect is needed (since it boosts Hemathology and ward retention), also cast speed is recommended.
The rest depends on your other skills. I am currently experimenting with other skills (core being rip blood + summon wraith, I think I will go for mark for death + sacrifice or mark for death + harvest). Then spell damage is needed or dexterity, respectively.

It’s very difficult to maintain high ward without constantly casting Rip Blood, not to mention you have to keep relatively high minion number at all times. Stopping to cast other skills like Mark+Harvest will have anti-synergystic playstyle with Rip Blood.

You are right, Mark for Death has to be cast only once in several seconds, so the rest can be minions then.
Won’t make to 300+ arena, true, but otherwise relatively easy and safe playthrough.

I made it to 343, so it’s possible.


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