Build: Lightning Striker Runemaster (First Version, asking for feedback)


I wanted to present my build and ask for some feedback considering the equipment.

I am currently at lvl 75 and am now looking to go for end gear and also some advice considering to improve my current skills.

The build depends on the following main functions/mechanics:

  • Main DPS is Lightning Blast with mostly standard layout of multicasting
  • Flame ward, being the most important defense, being triggered by Frost Wall, which is responsible for perm-upkeep of the same skill, because frostwall does not trigger the cd, so you can basically perma-spam flameward as long as the mana is there.
  • Frost Wall, which acts as offense/defense for triggering flame ward, but also uses the Lightning blast by passing as well as auto-shooting
  • Glyph of Dominion, which is being triggered by Flame Rush, acts as offense as well as very high defense/buff to resistances /overcapping them completely
  • And last but not least Flame Rush as traversal as well as putting Glyph of Dominion.

Overall, the following can be said currently:

  • Decent overall dps
  • Very high defense, possible face-tanking of many bosses (though can’t dodge one-shotters or nearly one-shotters of course)

However, I am looking for input and improvement.
I just went by leveling and now, I want to finish my current design. So overall, I didn’t put much thought into optimization which is why I ask here for people having any idea of endgame/experience and might be able to help me.

Build Link

Following. I’m also using Lightning Blast and Flame Ward. So far it’s good for leveling but not yet in endgame. I stopped until 1.0 comes out.