Build Idea: Melee Lightning Shaman

Yes, yes, another one of my build ideas. I’ve actually messed around with this quite a few patches ago, before changes to T. Strike, and was using said skill with some success but converted it to something else eventually. I guess either that or Swipe could be used, but I feel Swipe offers more benefits (plus Stormhide is a thing).

My concern here is how well Maelstrom will stack up now since it has a cast time and you can’t just set it and forget it. Maybe drop it altogether for EQ and change EQ to lightning damage and focus on initial hit. Then just use EQ for harder mobs as all the lightning procs should wipe out most mobs. Amulet is going to be a pain to get, so maybe keep Maelstrom and drop Fury Leap for EQ once you get the ammy.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

And sorry if this makes someone else want to start a new build XD

I think I am going to give it a try since most items are obtained fairly low. Ideally, you want a lp Storm Breaker ofc. I am getting a little bored running 650+ timelines.

Ah ah, if that was for me you won’t get me this time!
I am working on a build right now, and it should be my last until we get more story chapters as I started playing other games. Will post the build if I manage to get it to work.

But you might get Shtrak, he has no willpower… :grin:

Well, I had a shaman that had it’s points reset form the update that I hadn’t touched and it was spec’d nearly how I want it, so I am toying with it now.

Already learned, Tempest Strike > Swipe just due to lightning penetration, shock stacks. Which means I am going to rethink a bit of the build about attack speed because it would be converted to penetration for Tempest and it’s related spells.


Interesting build, once more. I still fear Swipe is too weak. Only situation where I’ve seen Swipe strong is with a Beastmaster and all the Aspect of the Shark passive nodes.

We’ll miss you! :cry:

I have the will to try almost everything in this game! :smiley:

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I’ve kinda already re-written this one off. I remember why I abandoned it to begin with and it was because of scaling issues. Shaman, even buffing all the elemental melee damage you can and melee damage, just doesn’t pump out melee well at all. Also, it leave you very squishy and without a reliable source of leech. If someone else would like to try and work this out, I am all for it. I basically turn it into melee in the sense that you are using tempest strike melee to proc all your crap.

I feel the only reliable source of leech for the Shaman is the helmet, yes.

What helmet? O.o

The Horned Cowl with it’s 3-5% leech on hit implicit.

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