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Build idea - lacking damage against bosses

This is a build idea. Something rather generic, but I wanted to use Forge Guard’s throwing affinity.
Trouble is that I may lack damage against bosses, but I don’t really see what I can change to get more. Anyone could help me?

Use Hammer Throw instead of Shield Throw.

If you use Manifest Armour in Conjunction with Shield Throws “Aegis Node”, you can make your build excellent for singletarget dmg.

OK. I wish I could do a Shield Throw build one day. ^^
But I’ll switch Hammer Throw, good. I’ll see how it has better single target.

Yes I saw that but I wanted to avoid it, I really want a “solo” build, not a minion build. I already have a Forge Guard with Manifest Armor, I did not want another iteration of it. :wink:

I also wondered… should I remove Shield Bash, specialize in Smite and use idols that proc Smite with throwing attacks?