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Build Idea: Frostbite Spellblade with Conversion from Ignite

Hey guys! I 've been doing some theorycrafting lately and I came up with a build that seems very fun to me, as it utilises a mix of spells and attacks, which is pretty much how I imagine a Spellblade build when I want to play one (regardless if I end up playing it that way or not). Anyway, the build seems pretty solid on paper, but only playtesting will tell if it’s actually playable or viable, as since it’s untested it may have mana issues and perhaps some different specialization choices may result to changes in skill setup for the sake of efficiency.

So, the build uses 2 mage skills that I like but haven’t really been able to fit them into a build yet and a Spellblade skill that just looks cool: Shatter Strike, Snap Freeze and Elemental Nova. The key elements that connect these 3 skills are Frostbite, freeze and ignite. How it connects them: Both Shatter Strike and Snap Freeze can inflict Frostbite (which is what I’m going for in this build), Snap Freeze always freezes which makes it easier to instantly kill enemies with Shatter Strike and Elemental Nova can apply 2 stacks of ignite with each cast, which can be turned into Frostbite with Shatter Strike. And that’s pretty much the whole thing.

I’m not sure if it’s super good or anything, but it seems very appealing to me, as I love the multi-button playstyle (I pretty much go for something like that with all of my builds - regardless if they are good or not) and it’s a build that uses a mix of spells and attacks and seems solid.

Not many Spellblade builds can do that and I’m pretty sure that there are people out there who would want to play hybrid mage, so I thought I’d share. I’ll be happy to see your thoughts on the build in the comments below.

Here’s the link to the build:

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Interesting idea. I’d say the obvious Frostbite Shackles and Snowdrifts for more DPS if your defenses are good enough. I’d be a little concerned with mana problems but that just comes with the territory without speccing Focus or Mana Strike.