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Build Idea: Ashes of Mortality + Humming Bee + Surge (Fire)?

I saw this absurd build recently on reddit:
It obviously will get nerfed very soon (most likely the Ashes of Mortality itself will get a hard cap or something).

But meanwhile I thought I’d join the dark side, so to say.
Nag’s build looks absolutely broken, of course, but its main selling point, IMO, is the absurd amount of ward and the resulting immortality. The build has very solid damage, obviously, due to very high increased ele damage due to Humming Bee interaction. But it doesn’t utilize its absurd movement speed for anything else but zooming around like crazy.

I was thinking, “Hold up! There’s Surge, which scales with increased movement speed!” There were multiple attempts at creating a good Surge build, the latest and the most successful one was by Epoch Builds, IMO, Vessel Bulwark Vaion's Chariot Surge Spellblade, Last Epoch Build Guide Patch 8.5 - YouTube with up to 300k damage Surges on T4 Julra and a few millions on dummy.

But with this broken interaction… The Surge should do around ~100s OF MILLIONS on dummy and around ~10s OF MILLIONS on bosses, effectively one-shotting any boss in the game.

I would really want to try this build before it gets nerfed, but I don’t have much free time at the moment, and making this build can take a while.

If you guys wanna try, here’s my take on it:

– the idea is to build as much ignite stacks as possible with Firebrand and Flame Reave, then consume the stacks of Firebrand with Surge for auto-crit and bonus dmg. Pretty much the standard stuff, with the exception of Ashes of Mortality interaction.

I think it can be optimized and improved by adding more melee damage (as this is what Surge mostly scales with), but I couldn’t be arsed with it and just throwed gear and points semi-randomly.

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For anyone wanting to try out this build: Chronostasis can be really fun too. :wink:

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