Build Help, Perry the Pig's Devouring Orb Autobomber

Hi guys, I started playing again for the first time in an year. I chose a build from Perry the Pig. I really like it, but half the reason I chose it was because he plays HC and I counted on it being fairly tanky.
With my current setup I can’t beat the dungeon bosses or even arena T4. I was just one shot by a random ranged mob in empowered monolith (corruption ~ 110), and thus I saw I may have missed some defensive layer completely. My resistances are overcapped and I’m running with 36% armor by using sigils. I know my health is still low, but I need to get some %hp gear to swap for the overcapped resistances, no luck yet.
Void Knight, Level 97 (LE Beta 0.8.5f) - Last Epoch Build Planner - this is my setup so far.

Please give some suggestions on improving survivability!

I’m not sure how his build works but it looks like you have 0% Critical Hit Avoidance.

My guess is that’s where the 1-shots are coming from.

Go back to the Reign of Dragons and try to get that modifier instead of all res.

And Sentinel has an armor and head piece that give inherent Crit Avoid.

Now, not knowing his build maybe he works without it. Don’t know.

Looks like you’re missing some crit avoid. Your chest piece is missing a TON of life from those suffixes. Most of my chest pieces (on every build) have affixes like VIT / X / Health / %Health.

Thank you Perry! Will try to fix those ASAP :slight_smile:

Crit Avoid is probably the single most important defensive stat to have playing “end game”. Once you reach empowered monos, it’s the first stat to max out if possible. Easiest way is with the blessing.
For all defensive stats look at the availability of each. Take blessings for those stats which are available on less gear pieces. i.e. taking resists blessing is a waste compared to Crit avoid, as resists can be added to more types of gear than crit avoid.
Above all else, remember that build guides are only guides. Nothing beats actual game knowledge. Learn how each of the defensive layers works, select which you think will benefit you the most, and then tweak your gear accordingly. Gear in these guides is only a pointer. Following guides to the letter without knowing the theory behind them isn’t a guaranteed recipe for success.

Alternately, you can go with “X% amount of crit damage reduced”. 2H can have that mod as can some boots (if you are going ignite mainly).

Are ignite chance etc in Devouring Orb better than some points in Exctinction and void pen?

Those points (in Voidfire Rift & Rotting Prey) are there to give the % more damage versus ignited/time rotted mobs rather than for the ignite/time rot damage. The incremental benefit of 1 point in Voidfire Rift (from 40% more damage to 60% more = 50% incremental) is the same as the incremental benefit of 1 more point in Rift Caller (from 20% void pen to 40% = 50% incremental), however since penetration is additive with resist shred (from the Black Sun blessing), then no, the additional penetration is worth less than the additional more damage versus ignited mobs.

Not sure if it’s worth taking a point out of Rotted Prey (going from 30% more v time rotted mobs to 15% more) for an additional 10% void pen, I’d assume probably not for the same reason.

TLDR maths, no.

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