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Build Help: Divine Fury Javadin

I am about to hit empowered monos and I am looking for some input on how to increase the single target dps without having to change to the siege barrage node or having to change this to an electrify DOT build. Mono clearing is a piece of cake and end bosses, aside from the timeline bosses, go down really quickly.

So far, it seems that going 5/5 in forceful hurl and 4/4 in monster piercer is the best way to get big hits and crits. Strategic Patience does increase your dps by a good amount, but by god does it tank your throwing speed. I am trying to avoid having to make smite the damage dealer and have to deal with Devotion and the mana nonsense that comes with it.

Every javadin build I have seen avoids Divine Fury and either goes Siege Barrage or Electrify or both. I mean, it plays like a Javazon in D2R clearing hell cows so I suppose I could just make it my mono farmer.

Sigh. Any input is appreciated. I don’t currently like how long it takes to bring down timeline bosses in non-empowered monos.

I am by no means a Paladin nor a throwing expert, but at a very quick glance, you don’t have any resistances shred(except shock).

Lightning Resistance Shred will benefit you way more than 50% inc lightning damage.

(deleted my first reply cause it didnt make sense :wink: )

Dont have a solution for you… other than to say I have been there and given up…

I have had similar issues with trying a Javelin build… unfortunately I couldnt figure out how to make it work either - felt like its “almost there” but I couldnt get to “great” if you know what I mean… I’d either have problems with mana management cause my throwing speed was too fast (had to change my playstyle from spamming) or DPS would be lackluste in certain situations or even in the two-hander option sacrificing defence was a bit of a problem… I’d roll through monos thinking “fantastic” and then take 10 minutes to kill The Emperor of Dragons while being able to tank all his attacks… I gave up trying to find the middle ground with a “pure” Javelin throw build that doesnt rely on something else… Its a similiar problem for me to Shield Throw… I would love to have a pure shield throw build but the only viable (read, high corruption/end game) ones seem to be the ones that proc something else like Smite or Manifest Armour…

Right now, I am using Lizards IRL Dot conversion to Electrify and its definitely working but I sometimes run out of mana even with the rings. Converting to the DoT did illustrate to me how little difference the added lightning flat damage affix seems to have in comparison… which was very surprising for me… I honestly thought a T7 flat increase in damage would be much better than it turned out to be…

Any reason for the bident specifically? it adds 16-22 flat lightning, as well as has 33 flat which 20% of gets converted to flat for jav, for a total of say 22-28. if you use a rare deicide spear you can get potentially 15 pen(slightly less then bident) as well as 115 base + crit multi.

115 base gets converted into 23 flat, and you get more then double the potential crit multi as well as being able to pick up more universal stats such as some chill or slow chance etc.

Tur’ani is imo strictly for electrify, remember divine throws already converts base and added damage, so turani is basically just for some pen and flat damage.

edit: the base gives melee crit multi anyways, so a rare weapon is just a pure 100% upside on the crit multi front as well.