[Build] Forge Guard "Smelter's Explosion" Build Guide [Beta 0.7.10c]

Build Version
0.7.10c … now available “Increased Smelters Wrath Damage affix” rolling on sentinel helmets / body armors.
0.7.10b … 1st Ver.

Video: (at level 78, in 0.7.10b)

0:00 farming lvl 100 area.
1:39 lvl 100 Rahyeh battle.

Main skill (in 0.7.10c)
Smelter’s Wrath (4 k~200k dmg / crit hit) in LV 100 area, depends on ignite stack.

Smelter’s Explosion Build Guide (Beta 0.7.10b)


High Single-Damage and AoE

Slow farming speed caused by Smelter’s channeling time.
Sometimes, killed before bursting skill.
Need a lot of unique gears and Idols.

Unique gear / Idols

1 : Sunforged Hammer
Items - Last Epoch Item Database

2 : Maehlin’s Hubris
Maehlin's Hubris - Unique Engraved Gauntlets - Gloves - Last Epoch Item Database

3 : Suloron’s Step
Suloron's Step - Unique Brigandine Boots - Boots - Last Epoch Item Database

4 : Woven Flesh
Woven Flesh - Unique Gladiator Armor - Body Armour - Last Epoch Item Database
or Titan Heart (If you have enough life leech)
Titan Heart - Unique Copper Plate - Body Armour - Last Epoch Item Database

And needing Ornate Solar idols having bleed or ignite chance,
I think it is better 200 % or more total ignite chance.
If you do not have bleed / ignite idols, it is useful smelter’s might node on forge guard passive tree. It can generate 28 % ignite chance / point, if equipping 2-Hand weapon and Maehlin’s hubris, in fact.

Synergy / Explanation

Sunforged hammer can deal 40 - 70 % more damage against ignited enemies.
Smelter’s wrath’s Valiance node can 60 % more damage against rare or unique enemies.
Same, Tempering blow node can deal 15 % more damage / ignite stack. (up to 150 %)
It’s most important to take advantage of Tempering blow node.

There is 3 methods for gaining max stack ignite if having Maehlin’s Hubris unique gloves.
1 Combining Manifest armor’s Iron grasp and Sharpend metal nodes, it can generate 6 x ignite / manifest armor’s melee hit. This is not so useful on map farming, but very useful on boss battle because it can reach to max ignite stack, only 2 hits.
2 Shield Bash’s Serrating Strikes node can generate 5 x ignite / hit.
If take Incinerating blow node, it can generate 8 x ignite / hit, but Stun is very powerful, so I’d recommend leaving Stan chance.
3 Devouring orbs Hit can cause ignite if you have bleed / ignite chance from passive, idols.

Therefore, if you having 200 % or more ignite chance, it is easy to keep maximum ignite stack for Tempering blow node by combining this 3 methods.

Stats (at level 87)

Non Buff

※Gain 30 % additional physical resistance from passive tree if you have been hit recently.

Current gears

Amulet and Relic ;
It is important to craft “increased damage while channeling” because it increase Melee and physical and Fire damage at same. Also, “critical multiplier” is important.
Rings :
Crafting “increased fire / elemental damage” may be generate more damage, but in fact, including base type, I think any rings is fine in rings slot.
Helmet and body armor :
Crafting “Increased Smelters Wrath Damage affix” and “Melee physical damage if wielding a mace” may be generate greater damage :smile: if you have enough shards.

Passive tree (at Level 87)


Void Knight

Learning Devouring orb early is very useful if you can have 100 % or more bleed/ignite chance from idols.

Forge Guard



The Black Sun (LV68-100)
(Grand) Emptiness of Ash
Grand Emptiness of Ash - Blessing - Last Epoch Item Database

End of the storm (LV80 - 100)
(Grand) Light of the Moon
Grand Light of the Moon - Blessing - Last Epoch Item Database
or (Grand) Rhythm of the Tide
Grand Rhythm of the Tide - Blessing - Last Epoch Item Database

Reign of Dragons (LV100)
Hemmorage of Marrow
Hemmorage of Marrow - Blessing - Last Epoch Item Database
or Cruelty of Strength
Cruelty of Strength - Blessing - Last Epoch Item Database

Active skills

1 Smelter’s wrath (main skill)

Backdraft node provides enough AoE.

2 Devouring orb (for ignite stack, in farming)

3 Manifest Armor (for ignite stack, in boss battle)

4 Shield Bash (for ignite stack, stun enemies)

5 Shield Rush (for movement)

Thank you for your interest !


Now thats a crazy playstyle if I have ever seen one… I’d have a heart attack waiting for the nuke to go off each time… :wink:

Love seeing these way out builds…

Thank you so much for the guide, I’m putting it together now to try out :smiley:

One note: You’ve posted the Devouring Orb tree twice instead of the Manifest Armour tree :slight_smile:

@vapourfire @vFlagR
Thank you for your comments!
I revised about manifest armor’s tree. :smile_cat:

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This is AWESOME! :smiley: Would have never thought about using it as “the” main one. Inspirational for sure!

Nice build! Iam also playing a smelter build with ignite stacking with a totally different approach. Iam using a fire sword unique and heavily go for fast attacks with melee to stack ignite and afterwards i use Smelters.

Really fun to see a totally different approach. Well done! Iam not near level 100 though (72) but i like this skill. Sometimes i hate that i have to wait so long xD so i maxed the reduced channel time. I also use Smelters as a cone but i see why you dont because it does cost way more passive points.

@Ayranjie, @meesterg
Hi, Thank you for your comments !
Because the waiting time is bit long, this build is not so tanky in spite of Forge-Guard :joy:
So reducing channel time or building more defense is very useful !

But my plan, I want to bet all on base damage to kill rare enemies that have several Life mods with 1 shot. :sparkling_heart:

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Dont you die really often against Physical damage?
Your unique boots are reducing 100% phys damage resist…

That’s a fun build, and those are some big numbers !

Hi !
Sometimes die, but not often. :ok_hand:
-100 % resistance is much penalty, but this build can gain +30% physical resistance from Forge-Gurad’s passive tree. (So this example, I can get 48% physical resistance if take damage recently.)
Additionally, crafting to Rings is more useful if you need more resistance, because my current ring does not optimization yet. :smiley:

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You will shine in multi-player. XD

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