Build for lazy player

anyone know some minion build like forge guard is viable ? or druid perhaps ?

suggest here some build that is similiar to necromancer from diablo 4 or zombiemancer from PoE

with dash abiliti there is just too many clicking and it hurts if you play alot
i just dont want to spam too many buttons

You can find lazy builds there, including necro zoo (all minions, only need to right click for zombies and occasionally use skellies for movement), golems with aaron’s will, as well as other minion builds including, yes, Forge Guard, Beastmaster, etc.
Most will need an update for 1.1, but they should still be viable.
And some were already updated.

interesting to do minion build on other class that is lazy to play
i check out this site

there are alot of builds there, i have 1 hour to pick one :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want another class with lazy minions you’ll have to go with Beastmaster. Sentinel masteries also have minions but they’re usually pretty active. Same as Rogue.

beastmaster sounds good, i must check every class in this game.
this cycle will be him or forge master

yeah i played falconer and spamming milion buttons and falcon scream drived me crazy :smiley:

Forge Guard got some pretty good buffs for 1.1, so you might want to try it out. Or start with beastmaster and then check FG when people have figured out the builds properly.

yeah, probably they added some new funny uniques that alter gameplay so better choose for fun :smiley:

and beast master i remember from dota 2 was badass with pets

Necromancer critical hit focused minion build. high DPS press as many or as few buttons as you want, can be viable past 300c with no buttons.