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Build: Fire Vacuum Build (0.7C)

Hi there guys.

Despite the nerf in teleport and blackhole, didnt really affect much on the way its played.
Still you should look to increase your health so u can tank enough damage while leeching back life. Back then when i had 350 life i did not manage to have enough time to tank damage and usually instant death.

Items yet to be crafted/ found

  1. Gloves (dodge rating + health)
  2. Boots (dodge rating + health)
  3. Weapon (cant seem to decide this factor)

Very simple and easy to play.
On how to use offensive skills

  1. Tele
  2. Blackhole
  3. Orb

With the recent nerf, Just blackhole and orb. No longer can you use the blackhole to cast 2 orbs.

On how to use defensive skills
1)Always keep fire shield on
2)Teleport when caught in a bad situation
3)Focus when out of Mana



Def Skills

For Teleport Gear towards Image before you Teleport

Attack Skills

ty for the share. Will make a sorc when my game stop frezze.

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