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[Build] Druid Charging Bear Build Guide [Beta 0.8.4F]

Video: (at level 95)

0:00 Monolith (mini arena)
1:20 Orobyss battle
2:32 Test dummy

Druid Charging Bear Build Guide (Beta 0.8.4F)

High armor and High health regeneration.
Unique offensive mechanism using Idols.
Need The last bear Set
Need Spined Ornate Heorot Idol (1x4), at least 1
(2 Spined is better.)

Core unique/Set item
Last Bear’s Set

Core Idol
Prefix : Spined Ornate Heorot Idol (1x4) (at least 1)

Stats / Gears / Skills LE planner (at Level 95…imcomplete resistances yet)
Build planner
Conditions → Transformed

Synergy / Explanation

About offense :
Rejuvenating Splinters has Physical and Spell tag only, so normaly, it is important to increase them.
In this build, instead of raising mainly “increased physical / spell damage”, STR stack for Wisened Claw (in Werebear node)
It is also important increase crit chance for rage control.

It can destroy almost mob by the Lightning from Cracking Assault. (in Werebear node)
The lightning (5 cast/sec) and counterattack with Ice thorn also call Thorn totem.
If use maul with Tremor Slam (in Werebear Form), the upheaval can shatter totems and Rejuvenating Splinter (in Upheaval Spell node) deal high damage using to Rare / Unique Boss.

The number of his of the lightning per 1 enemy hit are related your movement speed.
High movement speed is less number of hits of the lightning, so I equip leather boots(4-6 % Movement speed, without movement affix) on purpose but this tastes differ, maybe.
In my experience, leather boots can not get in endgame, so I bought from traveller’s camp on new character and transported it into stash, then, crafting it.

The Spine Idol’s Summoning the Thorn Totem’s number of value is low, but in fact, this build has many number of hits.
So it is easy to summon Thorn totem than our expecting.

Any crit hit restore 2 rage from Rageborn’s 8 points bonus in Druid passive tree.
Also, casting ice thorn from “when you are hit” is very useful to restore rage / deal damage while cool down of Rampage / Maul.
(Maximum, 70 % success casting ice thorn from Bramble armor, Spell thorn, Thorn shaper’s node on Ice Thorns tree.)

Not always can maintain Werebear form, but these number of hits useful for rage maintain.
If rage gone, back to human and waiting a little with gaining 70% damage reduction for 2 seconds.

Crust Rupture (crit multi) and Glacial Crash (physical penetration) on Upheaval node are very useful for increasing damage.
In my test, Brutish Engagement (more damage to close target) is not useful.
Even if player or totems are within nearby enemy.

Increasing Crit chance is easy from Aura of Retribution node on Summon Spriggan.
Spriggan does not scale by STR, so he is not tough in fact, but healing aura maintains until disappeared him.
Therefor, if spriggan is downed, not need to revive so quickly.
I think if you have enough crit chance, using Swipe is also good instead of Summon Spriggan.

Minion (totem) scaling are not useful for Rejuvenating Splinters of this method.
Also, increased melee damage is not useful too.
Attunement does not increase Rejuvenating Splinters damage.
Attunement increase lightning damage of Cracking assault, but prioritizing STR is better.

By contrast the visual effect, Ice peak node does not convert RS to cold spell.
So if you use Ice peak node, it does not scale RS damage hardly ever if you “increased / add cold damage”.
Therefore, I think physical based is better.

Lightning (from Rampage)
・20~30 k damage / hit(on the dummy)
・1~2 k damage / hit(in Level 100 area)

Rejuvenating Splinters (cast via shattering totem by Upheaval)
・50~70 k damage / totem (on the dummy)
・8~10 k damage / totem (in Level 100 area)
It can summon 5x totems at once.

About defense :
STR stack and High regeneration from set items makes the character tank. (about 400 health regen/sec)
High regeneration affix have a high affinity of these set items, so I use “of harmony” idol (X % health regeneration while transform)
I think Armor and Endurance style is best because STR stack is utilized.

I tried similar build in other class using RS, however in my test, Druid has good balance for offense and defense.
If you have good dodge affix item,it may be fun to construction shaman casting maelstrom, in that case, using Urzil’s pride for Mana control.

My goal :
For moving more slowly, I want to get Anchor of Oblivion, and crafting to legendary it for more Endurance threshold.
Also, getting STR / Skills Exalted Helmet, Armor, Glove.
Then, replacing set items trying not to reduce health regeneration as much as possible, and more offensive.
…It is my final goal.

Unique gears for Legendary items

If you get 2~4 LP below Unique items, it may be useful for this build.
1 : Legacy of the Quiet Forest
2 : Transient Rest
3: Chimaera’s Essence
4: Anchor of Oblivion
5; Kermode’s Cage

Target affixes or Item filter setting

Suffix (Defense) has many factors, so adjust to the current situation.

2 hand staff (Bladed Staff, +1 melee skill)
Spell crit chance, Spell damage, Crit multiplier
I think T4 despair crafting of these prefixes are the best.

Ring (Copper ring / Gold Ring / Coral Ring)
Strength, Crit chance, spell damage

Amulet (Born amulet)
Spell crit chance, Spell damage, Crit multiplier

※Unfortunately, set items can not craft to legendary item, but when you get good exalted item, replace set items to exalted may be more fun.

Helmet (Icewolf / Horned Cowl)
Level of Werebear Form

Body armor (Oak / Heoborean)
Level of Upheaval


Adjust to the current situation.
The Black Sun
Emptiness of Ash : Crit multi
Winds of Oblivion : Crit chance

End of the storm
Light of the Moon : Mana
Bastion of Divinity : Lightning resistance
Rhythm of the Tide : Health regenerate

Reign of Dragons
Resolve of Humanity : All resistance

Spirits of Fire
Body of Obsidian : Armor
Heart of the Caldera : Fire resistance

The Age of Winter
Vigor of Jormun : Endurance Threshold
Bulwark of the Tundra : increased armor

Feedback from this build

I wrote similar text on bugs thread, but I rewrite it here too.
In more information of Grove mind says, “Thorn totems that would be created in inaccessible locations are not created at all, but still increase the Mana cost.” So this issue may be intended.
However, Grove mind x Rejuvenating splinter combination, this function often cause losing high Mana and same time dealing low damage.
This is annoy me that I can not summon totems though I thought “I can summon totems around this area”.
I feel this Mana penalty from un-summoning is not good, of course not only about this build, because Mana cost already great increased from the node.
So, I hope changing method of spawn thorn totem. :pray:

Related Bugs?

1 Summoning Thorn Totem via Spined Idol does not consume mana/rage, whenever Human or other form.

I don’t know that this is the bug or functional…I wish this is not bug.
This is very important factor for Mana/Rage control.
If this is not bug, it needs to be clearly text.
If this is a bug, I wish that fixed this and thorn totem spawn via Grove mind issue at the same time. :hugs:
Because only 1 side fix may breaks the Mana control, for builds using Grove mind and Spined Idol.

2 War cry totem can not shatter by Upheaval.

3 When casting Eterra breath to Thorn totem or Storm totem, and when the summoned healing totem overlapped into them,
the healing totem can not summon again in spite of taking 100 % re-summon chance from Ancestral Renewal node.

4 “Cracking Assault” stops to cast if continue “Rampage” long time.

5 “Rampage” stops in step or borders of bridge, etc.

Thank you for your interest!

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