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Build Concept: Smite > Fissure

So, I’ve been tinkling…tinkering…no no, tinkling =D with some DOT builds for Sentinel as I am having a great time with my Ignite FG Warpath. Sadly, outside of bleed, I can’t find another DOT build that is viable. Void…just doesn’t work and I’ve written that off for now sadly. So, this led me to Fissure in the Smite tree which is basically a large ignite.

Couple of problems here.

  1. Namely, I haven’t seen so much of a lick of this build since LLama looks like he shared one almost 2 years ago now in .7d.

  2. Tunklab doesn’t have a lot of information on this ):< I know it scales from dot, fire, elemental damage (and that’s from ingame tool tips as tunklab doesn’t even have this listed as an ailment currently).

  3. I am assuming duration is base 3 second up to 8 with talent node. I have no idea if it stacks, but assume it does from rudimentary testing. Don’t know how many it can stack to…and don’t know the scaling.

So…all this said, what do you all think? I am by no means set with this aside from probably the weapon and shield even tho I plan to keep it fire. Gonna add on a throne of course, and that’s about all I can think of at the moment. Thoughts would be great here!

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Theory-crafting on the potty, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen some good Doom builds. In fact, I did the maths on this a couple of months ago and VK has the best scaling for Doom/Void DoT excluding Lich, so I’m sure it’s super viable.

From my limited pea-brained (pee-brained XD?) knowledge of the game, Fissure isn’t an ailment. It’s just a source of fire damage that repeats, not an ignite.

Fissure lasts that long, yes. But the damage is only while enemies stand on it.

I think it’s a cool idea that, if built right will do a lot of damage to bosses. idk how big Fissure is, but is it enough to waveclear ads though?

Keep up the theorycrafting though! I LOVE seeing it :heart:

No comment on this salacious detail :mask:

ok, that’s the kinda insight I was looking for. I hate math, with a passion, unless it is calculus or statistics where it really isn’t math anymore and just letters and numbers that you combine logically. My brain like that. It hates analytical shit like algebra…bleh…

That said, I somewhat wrote off Doom as it only stacks up to 4 and it’s main benefit is to increase melee dmg by 4% per stack. I would like to hear more on this.

Argh…that would explain it. It’s weird tho as some things do get listed there too…

It is…large to begin with. Lemme get one of my alts I have laying around spec into it and I’ll post something a bit later. I also want to see how this will work as mutlistrike :S

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As @queermathsgirl says, it’s not an ailment, it’s a subskill that leaves behind a stacking (from memory) ground AoE DoT. The proc has a cooldown so how many stacks you can get is limited, but you can buff the damage with adaptive spell damage, and it it should inherit the +2 spell void damage per Vit that you can get from the VK passive as I think it has the spell tag?

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t get adaptive spell damage and I don’t believe it gets the Vit benefit either. Playing around with it, it is just too mana hungry even using multistrike +10 mana node. Also, it does not hit hard at all. The scaling on it seems weird as I have 325% fire damage and 225% dot, with a whopping damage of 300 damage per second with a 25 mana requirement per fissure. That…that is just terrible. Unless someone can figure something else out, this is going in the do not touch list.


HERP DERP. Went back and read the damage scaling. 25% with a 5 fire base. Forget it. That’s absolute garbage.

It does, I’ve just tested on a VK & the fissure damage went from 11 per tic with no weapon to 35 with a white staff (+99 adaptive spell damage). However it doesn’t appear to get the Vit scaling when you take Renouncement which I’m assuming is probably a bug given what the devs have said about subskills inheriting the attribute scaling from the proccing skill.

Hmm, well even so. It’s a mana hog and the spell scaling is abysmal currently.

Yes, I’m not sure I agree with the mana cost given the damage you can get from it.

Have you, or anyone else, messed around with the spreading flame or righteous overload nodes? I can’t find scaling for those for the damn life of me nor the amount of damage they do. Sigh, trying to build through Smite and I’m going to have to make a smite build because of lack of knowledge or bad scaling.

No idea how much Righteous Overload does, not even sure if it’s a flat amount or a % of hp.


I searched there too. I hate how some of this info is somewhat hidden.

Also, forget spreading flames then. 1 max instance :s

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