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Build Concept: Physical Spell/Minion Shaman

Hi, there! I 've been playing this game for quite some time now and I 've been doing a little bit of theorycrafting. Out of Primalist Masteries, Shaman stands out for me (although I haven’t tried Druid yet, which seems quite popular) and since I have already 2 Primalist chars already (1 Beastmaster, 1 Shaman), I 've come up with a build that seems quite fun, but I’m unlikely to play anytime soon because I already have too many characters (I’m one of those players who keeps trying new builds xD). So, I 'd like to present my idea to you guys and maybe some of you can try it out and give me some feedback.

So, on to the build:

The build uses skills that I find cool and satisfying to use while forming a stracture that tries to benefit from passive tree, gear and idol mods that benefit your overall damage output. The build seems strong on paper, but since it’s untested, it may have some issues, which is why I’d like to get some feedback if you guys try this out, or if you 've already tried something similar.


  1. Avalanche
  2. Summon Thorn Totem
  3. Tornado
  4. Warcry
  5. Summon Spriggan

How to use your skills and what they are expected to do:

Cast Tornado on a pack to prevent the enemies from moving around, then cast Thorn Totem and channel Avalanche until they die. Meanwhile your Spriggan will heal you and provide you with additional buffs while dealing damage from afar. Use Warcry to get out of a bad situation.

Skill Specialization choices
  1. Avalanche: One of your main damaging skills. Here we opt for Physical conversion, additional stun chance, channel cost reduction and increased damage. We also take aiming nodes so that we hit enemies who are pulled by Tornado.

  2. Summon Thorn Totem: Your second main damaging skill. Here we opt for summoning multiple Totems, mana efficiency, additional projectiles and additional damage. The Thorn Totems should be very effective in this setup if you summon them on top of your Tornado.

  3. Tornado: This is a skill that I haven’t used yet and I’m not sure how effective it will be, but here the purpose of the specialization choices is to give you utility buffs (cast speed, mana regen etc.) to be consistent (stationary Tornado, pull stregth) and to have as much durability as possible. Feel free to change the specialization options if you find them unfitting to this purpose.

  4. Warcry: Your panic button. If you get surrounded by enemies, if you want to escape, if you generally need a defensive tool in a situation, this is the skill you are going to use. Here we opt for AoE, heal, damage, haste and knockback distance. I doubt you would want to ask for more from this skill in this setup.

  5. Summon Spriggan: This is the piece of the puzzle that connects all other pieces of this build. Summon Spriggan will constantly heal you with its aura, provide you with additional dodge rating and a very considerable amount of Adaptive Spell damage. These are the most important specialization options we take from the tree. We also take additional health and resistances for the Spriggan, additional spell damage and we allocate 1 point on Ensnaring Roots, just for that bit of extra cc.

Passive Tree choices

What we 're looking at in the tree with this setup is nodes with as much value as possible. I can’t list here each node I 've taken, but I will only say that the choices I 've made is towards fulfilling that purpose. I will specifically talk about one node though: Protective Circle. This node in combination with Shaman’s passive ability provide us with insane amounts of resists which frees a lot of pressure from gearing, leaving space for additional health and other possibly desired mods like dodge rating and critical strike avoidance.


Physical Damage
Spell Damage
Minion Damage

Dodge Rating
Block Effectiveness
Crit Avoidance
Minion Life

Mana Regen
Movement Speed


Shared Physical Damage
Spell Damage while you have a Totem

Build Link:

Huge Disclaimer

This build is totally untested, which means that I don’t know how it will perform. It relies on the fact that Tornado will constantly pull enemies for Thorn Totems and Avalanche to hit, which I don’t actually know if it will happen the expected way. But, to be honest that’s not what really concerns me. Enemies can still die even if they are not constantly pulled. What actually concerns me is whether this build can be supported mana-wise. Avalanche has a huge channel cost and Thorn Totems can cost a lot too. I 'm pretty sure that the Shaman passive will be decisive for this issue, but I don’t really know how Avalanche will perform. I have taken all mana cost reduction nodes in Avalanche, but not in Thorn Totem, so if you find that you 're running out of mana often, spec more nodes on mana-related passives on Thorn Totem, or consider lowering the maximum amount of Thorn Totems you summon, which will hopefully fix things up.

If you guys try this or something similar out, let me know how it performs. Thanks for checking out my build.