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Build: Blood in the Eyes (Bleeding Forge Strike)

Hello all,

Wanted to share a character I dusted off recently. My FG Bleed build utilizing Abyssal Echoes to pop our bleeds. Dummy at the moment hits for 1.2-1.5 mil. Can 1 shot Tier 1 Julra, half hp Tier 2, 1/4 hp Tier 3…and I haven’t wanted to mess with T4 yet. Still looking for some upgrades as I just really gave it whatever I had laying around that wasn’t being used. I decided on Vengeance as it provides physical shred and damage reduction and other fun stuff. Basic strat is just charge right into the thick of the pack, swing your axe, be fairly tanky without a Titan Heart (I cant justify using it over my current armour unless I can get another LP that doesnt give me bad result -_-). Input always welcome.

Lightless Arbor Clear

Lightless Arbor Boss Kill

edit 5/21/22 added 2 videos

I love the Abyssal Echos interaction with Sanguine Eruption - I have messed around with it on Paladin (taking Penance / Redemption passives) and its brilliant to swing around for a few seconds and then watch everything melt with an Echo… I really like skill interactions like this that are so effective… I was messing with Rive (with a skipped 3rd strike) instead of Vengenance as I didnt seem to need the extra damage reduction at the time and the added speed could usually stack more bleeds…

Have since respec’d into testing some javelin interactions, but this bleed build is definitely a good one…

Pity bleed doesn’t interact with 2h maces a bit better in the Forge Guard passive tree as you’d then also be able to use Warpath & get the 50% phys pen which would affect your bleeds as well.

True, but forge strike has some interesting nodes.

Bellows - Increases ailments DOT inflicted by FS equal to your increased stun chance.

If I am reading that right, it means it would be like adding physical damage at a 1:1 ratio. Which, then, in turn, increases the pop from Abyssal Echoes.

Put to the Sword - Increases bleed effect per crit multi you have in the FS tree. I do have a chest with T7 FS and could do it, but I just dont feel it’s worth it at the moment.

I was actually messing around with Torkrefin’s Hunger since I had a 1 LP one that rolled t4 blind -_-, but was perfect in every aspect. The problem I found is that you are adding less bleed stacks so you have to work a bit more to get the same damage, even with the perks it has. It seems like it should be the perfect weapon for bleed FG since you’re gonna have a shit ton of Physical Res. The best I was able to get was it adding 100% bleed chance and 20% bleed effect per stack.

I am currently messing around with making my life easier clearing. Iron Blade seems like it might be the answer since it is hitting for around 20k atm and shredding trash plus adding bleed on the hits.

Definitely worth a look… I saw a retaliation build with Iron Blade a few months ago (if I recall correctly) and it works fairly well… not high corruption pushing but good enough… When looking at the vengeance tree Iron Blade really does sound like a cool addition to the skill but I found the really interesting nodes require so much investment that you cant really take the normal vengeance nodes to use it - you have to really commit to Iron Blade and extra skill points affixes can make a big difference… I found it works as a secondary source of dps more than anything else… couldnt make it do enough damage for it to be an “Iron Blade” focussed build…

just my two cents…

Yeah, I saw that already. Only nodes that specifically say affect Iron Blade will increase its damage outside of the modifiers. Not worth it imo to be main attack, but to clean up and apply extra bleed it works fairly well.

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This build sure does sound interesting to test out before LE gets into the state of adding the last subclasses.
Do you have any video’s of clearspeed to get a “feel” for the build?

Maybe you can try Suloron’s Step? Its melee crit multiplier should work with Put to the Sword node.
+bleed effect seems more effective than +damage over time.

I haven’t hit empowered yet so I’ll do a T3 Lightless Arbor and post it here a bit later.

Roughly speaking, it’s about 1-2 minutes per mono at the moment in the 90s.

Hells bells I didn’t even think of trying that. And I am way over physical cap anyway because of trying out that 2h sword. Now…if fucking salt the god damn wound would drop that would really turn it up thinking about it now.


Just remembered after getting in game. The node Put to the Sword is ONLY for Crit Multi in the tree, no extra from anywhere.

Good thought tho!

That’s a pity, I thought any crit multiplier that applies to Forge Strike would work.

I was experimenting with Forge Strike and found out that Detonating Ground node also counts as melee hit, which means it can apply bleed on hit.

It does, but I don’t have enough points to invest in that. And it hits about 1-2s later when most things are dead or the boss moves.

Atm, 1.6 mil on the dummy is the highest Ive been able to get. 1 shotting up to T2 bosses is fun tho.

As requested. Here are 2 videos of T3 Lightless Arbor. 1 of the clear on 2nd stage and another of the boss kill. You can see how much HP gets chunked off (~130k hits that do those chunks).

I also have A LOT of different debuffs I run as you’ll see.

Lightless Arbor Clear

Lightless Arbor Boss Kill