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Build Assistance with Fire Build

So I’m doing a fireball/meteor/elemental nova build for a flame mage. I’m currently planning on eventually replacing the calamity helmet with a celestial helm with + %mana and + level to elemental nova and +crit multiplier based on mana eventually but i gotta farm/build one first.

Any advice or suggestions? Currently how i run it, I use elemental nova for most enemies, if i run into anything that takes more that a second or two of nova, i will hit it with fireball. For bosses, I hit them with a meteor then spam some fireballs til the bonus leaves then switch back to ele nova, using flame ward when i get hit or go low on hp and tele to dodge spells, hence why i dont have the free spell node, the cd extension is too tough.

Any thoughts? I really like the way I have nova setup at the moment, have the channelling and removing the lightning nova made the dps skyrocket.