Build a' blood mage

Hey I was hoping to get some build discussion/recommendations going for my lvl 64 acolyte.
Im currently running Transplant, Bone curse, Bone golem, spirit plague, and rip blood. Ive been speccing into bleed chance/leech/dot damage and love the theme of losing and gaining, losing and gaining but I feel like my build to so dependent on spirit plague and nothing really does damage without it.

Also would you all recommend hollow lich node or is the leech necessary?

My gear mostly focuses on dot increase and physical damage increase, are there other stats should I focus on maybe?

current have 579% increased dot
530% increased physical damage

Hey friend!

I’m also playing a “blood lich” it’s a lot of fun indeed.
But my way of dealing damage is mostly with Marrow Shards which can get very impressive damages. And to get life back, i have ofc health leech but also blood golems with nodes that makes their hits heal (their blood aoe gives back a LOT of health to me) and also life drain with the node “Dark Shackles” making it a non-channeled ability.

So I have my golems and life drain healing me and stunning ennemies, bone curse and marrow shards to damage, shred armors and bleed ennemies, and reaper mode of course.

So quite different approach of yours. But I’d say that i’m not super satisfied of my build yet, the damage is SUPER important but when I’m not in reaper mode i can die quite easily (no mobility and not very solid). So i’m thinking about going to a build that generates some ward or I dunno.

Long live to the blood liches!

Might be off topic but im hoping warlock can maybe add a bit more to the blood side of things, maybe even a dual wield option for a blood letter archetype.

Im considering making a bloodlich for now but playing lich is much different from a real sanguine art character.

A while back I was really enamored with the idea of making Eulogy of Blood work with a Harvest/Rip Blood/Bleed build. I’m not convinced it can’t be done but I certainly wasn’t able to make it work with what I had at the time.

There is a path for Lich form to be able to maintain the form at least nearly perm, have you done that?

You mean Reaper Form? I was able to do a old build that had semi permanent Reaper Form, using Aura of Decay.

Aura of Decay have some amazing healing nodes, that I crease the healing the lower your health. And if you invest in healing effectiveness, you can self heal impressive amounts to sustain the health decay of reaper form.

But you have to be smart about the self applying poison you get from aura of Decay, you need several “less damage over time taken” stats, and over cap poison resistance ofc

Yeah, my mistake, that’s what I meant.