[Build 0.7.8] >>> Lightning Sorcerer <<< 100% Crit Lightning Blast & Elemental Nova

◤ Update 0.7.8f ◢

◤ Overview ◢





◤ Gameplay ◢

◤ Feature ◢

100% Uptime Crit

Lightning Blast deals 13K to 19K damage on Dummy

◤ Bonus ◢

Crazy Lightning Blast

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Lots of small adds = teleport in (which causes nova) and nova again if some survived.
Single big mob: lightning blast spam from a safe distance.

i do wish i had your idols >_> been farming for a while now, but 0 decent idol drops.

You can look into using 1 unique (helmet) to cast nova from range.
But that would cause some issues for glancing blow cap.

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My helm give me 176% Increased Crit Chance
And I use LB for distance and huge foes
EL is only for trash mobs

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