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BUGS: Glaciers Nods don't work, Passives points bug and resolution reset at launch

Hi i’m gonna report all the bug i found here.

First, since the 0.7patch, every time i launch the game i got a resolution close to 1024 even if it says 1920*1080 in the settings toolbox (its super pixellated and crappy, but at the correct image ratio), i have to swap to another resolution then switch back to 1080p get it properly:

Second bug, display issue in the Passive panel, i have currently 40point on the Sentinel tree but the Tree icon only display “20” as points allocated.

Last bug, the most problematic, some Nods seems to work badly or don’t work at all, i’have noticed a few but the only ones which are obvious for now are in the Mage->Glacier skill tree,

Cold Snap does increase the mana cost but i litterally have 0 damage increase in the 2nd explosion where i should have +200%. Tested a lot of time
Also the “Greater Explosion” node for the 3rd explosion boost doesn’t seems to affect any damage too.

I have reset the tree a few time to see it but i suspect there is some other damage nodes that doesn’t properly increase the damage.

Thanks for the reports! In the future please make separate threads for different issues, it makes it easier for us to track and manage.

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