Bugs and problems on linux (native client)

I did a complete reinstall of the game on my linux rig. I have found some problems which should be resolved before the game is leaving beta. This should also be important for running the game on the steam deck.


CPU AMD Ryzen 3600
RAM: 16 GB DDR 4 RAM @ 3600 mHz
GPU: AMD Radeon Rx 6700XT
Display: 1080p@144Hz (AMD Freesync)
OS: Kubuntu 22.10
GPU Drivers: AMDGPU + MESA 23.0.0

  1. Bad performance (massive stuttering) even on medium and low settings with the OpenGL renderer. The game runs smooth with Vulkan. Please add a startoption in steam where Vulkan can be selected.

  2. Screentearing on my 144Hz display because of the framelimiter is set to 60FPS by default. This should be disabled by default. Using Vsync by default might make more sense.

  3. The game crashes with a complete hang when leaving it to the desktop,

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