Buggy name swap of characters

I stumbled upon a strange bug when deleting one of my characters.
I wanted to reuse a name so I deleted the old character that was holding it, the character was correctly deleted but the name was still not usable.
At the time I thought it might require some time to have the name available again and just went with a little different name and played.

Now a few days have passed and I wanted to retry making a char with that name but it was still unavailable, so I went through the list of characters and noticed that the name has been somehow transferred from the deleted character to another one.
The name was Elsa and I used it on a cold based acolyte, now it has been transferred to a primalist that surely has no reason to be called Elsa…

I’m not bothered by the bug, I just wanted to report it.

First of you should have created this thread in #bug-reports
I did flag your post, so a Moderator can change the categories.

Now regarding your bug:
I am wondering, that you are reporting a “name not usable” behavior.
Because there is a know bug for a long time, that reusing the same char name messes with your Stash and Leader boards.

Thanks, I changed the category.

As for the bug, I don’t think it’s the same as the one you’re talking about because I now have a character named Elsa that previously had another name (that I don’t recall since it was a char I made more than a year ago).

The char I wanted to delete has been correctly deleted, it’s just the name that ended up on another char.

I then deleted that other char and the name became usable.

I assume you’re not running the live version (0.8.5f)? If you aren’t, there’s a different bug report forum for this. If you are running the live version it would be good to see if you can replicate it and then upload your log file.

Yes it’s 0.8.5f, I’ll look for the log file.

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That’s definitely a new bug then.

I found the file but it’s 32 MB of text.
I can’t find an entry with the name of the deleted character and the word “delete” seems to be extremely common.
I also can’t see any date on the entries.

Any suggestion on what to search?

Zip it & upload it then.

Here you go.

Player.zip (187.1 KB)

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The one thing I can add is that I have not played for more than a year and I updated the game from whatever version it was to the latest one when I reinstalled it.

Hey there. Chipping i here when i saw your comment about a 30+mb logfile. That is most definitely not normal so i took a look. (They are usually a few mb)

Your log is flooded with Particle System errors - literally tens of thousands of repeating errors. This is usually noticed when a player is trying to run the game at higher settings on older hardware or issues with an old or corrupted gpu driver - remember LE is in beta and 0.8.5f isnt optimized so if you push it too hard expecting release level game performance, things break.

As a secondary effect, this issue could be causing problems with other unrelated functions of the game - i.e. its struggling logging all those errors and its preventing other things from working properly.

The log is enormous (and i am trying to view it on an ipad) but I also see quite a few error messages that related to a possible corrupted install. This could obviously directly be involved in your name issue.

I recommend the following:

  1. Reduce the quality settings to prevent the particle system from becoming overloaded

  2. Update your gpu driver - no older than 3 months and be sure to do a clean install not upgrade or use something like ddu.

  3. Run a steam game file verification process to double check that your install is actually ok.

Not sure if this will directly impact the name issue but from the log its obvious thats not the only problem youu are having.

Thanks, but I’m aware there are issues with my GPU driver. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to fix them for years now.

It’s a GTX 1080 with the latest drivers, I also made full clean installations twice this year the latest being last month.

Sometimes the driver just stops working and Windows resets it, even when I’m just in the desktop doing nothing.

I tried quite a lot of things, I also changed pretty much all the hardware that interacts with the card and the only thing that somehow mitigated the problem was changing the power setting of the card from balanced to full power (yes, I also changed the power supply).

Windows resetting the driver randomly is not a good sign. In my experience when things like that start happening - especially on a fresh install with new drivers - then the card is foobar. Had it happen at least a half dozen times to me over the years (decades). And usually its either on a partially DOA purchase or an old card (5+ years) that just decided its had enough. If you have tried everything and are sure its not something obvious like a loose connection, overheating, flaky fan or dying power supply then the only thing left is to swap it out for another gpu and see if the same problem is happening with another gpu. If it is, then it could be your motherboard too.

From an LE perspective, its hard to be sure of anything - the game is in beta and has bugs - but if your system isnt stable on its own then its impossible to say where the issue originated and thus guess at the cause.

And the issue could be affecting unrelated features of the game but there is no way to know for sure.

If there is no way for you to get a test gpu then i would still recommend you lower the graphics to reduce the power and gpu usage - it may be more stable under less stress.

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As counterintuitive as it may seem, I found posts saying the drivers failing may be due to a defective RAM stick.
I’m trying to see if I actually have a problematic RAM.

Could be RAM, especially if you are using BIOS to boost ram speeds and one stick is not good. Sometimes XMP etc can cause problems depending on the ram quality and other factors.

You can use https://www.memtest86.com/ to run some tests - even from boot (without windows).

The thing is that it could also be a combination of factors so isolated RAM testing may not trigger the issue. E.g. it could be a power delivery issue on the motherboard like a cap that is failing when multiple components are drawing power. Maybe even something like the airflow near a RAM chip or other component is bad and after a while it causes an issue. There are so many possibilities when it comes to hardware failures.

On the software side, what you also need to do is see what windows is reporting that is failing. (If you havent already). You can browse the Event viewer or View Reliability History and see if there is a common cause or recurring error. Is windows trapping the errors on a specific DLL or is it providing an error code that can give some insight into the issue. Are there any repeating errors that preceed a failure that could hint at where the problem is.