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Buggy area in The Last Archive

Operating System: Windows 10

Detailed description: Hi there,
I’m finding it a little tricky navigating the forums so my apologies if this issue has already been raised! (Though, better it be over reported than under reported :slight_smile: ).
I have encountered a particularly buggy area in The Last Archive, of which I have attached screenshots below. The first shows how the area should look, the second shows what I am seeing if I walk just a little further south (towards the void puddle).

What were you doing at the time? Walking around/exploring in game.

How consistently does this happen? Every time I walk far enough south in this little alcove.

Link to your system information: Ildriss DxDiag.txt (68.9 KB)

Link to your log file:output_log.txt (812.9 KB)

Thanks for the report!

This should be resolved in our next patch.

And thank you for the swift reply :slight_smile:

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This issue should now be resolved.

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