Bugged quest?

In the quest ‘The Immortal Empire’ the Outcast Prisoner in Welryn won’t talk to me. I’ve restarted the area fresh 3 times now, but it keeps happening. Not sure if it’s a general bug, because I haven’t found other people talking about it. Anyone know what I can do? It’s a main scenario quest so I’m stuck till it works >.>

Ich habe das selbe Problem

I found a workaround :smiley: My friend teleported to me and could turn in the quest for me

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Also have the same problem. I now have this issue on a char I was playing with a friend who else ran into this issue and I have issue on char I play solo with. I must be missing something but idk what, the quest beacon is over the prisoner after slaying the mini boss there but won’t let me do anything

Found workaround. Spawn the mini boss from the stairs down but don’t engage. Run back up to the top above them and attack and pull boss above to be killed. Now once killed head back down to talk to prisoner. NOTE: If using controller, it does not show A to talk still, you need to use the mouse it seems. Seems like a double-bug honestly.