Bugged Instance of Lightless Arbor

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What went wrong?: there are three pathways after entering using the key, all 3 pathways are blocked. some look like you can travel through them but you are met with an invisible wall

*[Log File]:
Player-prev.log (987.5 KB)

*Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/WH0aEdP



lost a key to this, if i am missing something someone please tell me. i had a person try to help in game and they ported in twice and were stuck inside a wall each time.

Just had this same bug, really frustrating to lose a key like that.

Enjoying the game so far but there’s just so many bugs like this that it’s really souring the experience the more I play. Hoping the devs get these sorted out soon.

Just happened to me and my buddy.

happens to me very often, i tried to exit to character screen and sometimes it works, although its a hopefully it wont eat my key.

Happened to me too, really fucking annoying they need to fix this shit

It’s still an issue, as it happend for me as well online

its an issue that is happening to everyone tbh check this post

it just happend to me to omg o well I was in the room where the tree lady tells you are almost there and the heart fight is next i do belive.

still bugged, no way to pass through next door in lightless arbor, wasted 3 keys

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