Bugged fire vicinity on Mountain Aerie

all the projectiles (all proj skills including shuriken blade shield ) i tried on my marksman explode on place near this fire( seems like almost circle around it ), so its problematic to kill monsters from distance.

There are no particular radius of that bugged area but it pretty reliably reaches magic well on left side of the screen. (it changes depending on where i stand when shooting).

If i stand outside of this circle it just hits invisible wall when i shoot in direction of that area.

Depending on where i stand inside area 2 things can happen ( didnt find any consistency with this sub-part though ) :

  1. proj dont even appear on screen and hit invisible wall in front of me
  2. proj fly a little bit and then hit wall.

bugged vicinity :

zipped log(doesnt change with compress settings) is 10 mb and constraint is 6 , so cant send log

.rar is 5+ mb, but rar is not allowed

DxDiag.txt (118.3 KB)

I experienced this same issue on my Lich while casting any sort of projectiles. If cast near the bonfire, they will not appear. If you cast it from far, once the projectiles reach about 1/2 screen from the bonfire, they dissapear.