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Bug Wrap from Stream!

Here is a small list!

Zoomable Minimap when in tabbed minimap (Suggestion)

Cosmetic Pets didn’t follow into Pannion’s Library? also seem to spawn from random doors in map and float to you

Tree from ring causes graphic glitch when its hit

Loading screen issues?

Wraiths don’t move until you move after casting you have to move for the to unclip

Mtx pets randomly vanish? Or are invisible? (upper slot)

Portal in imperial could go to refugee camp? (suggestion)

Sound bug when you fight large skele mage boss in Welryn Outskirts and pretty much all imperial era

Bugged pet doesn’t go away if you relog into another toon allowing you to have 3 summoned MTX pets (looks like it’s the top pet)

Juggernaut on sentinel passive tree still says tempest (tooltip)

Thank you very much for all the reports!


Did you have two out at once?

We’re aware of an issue where having e.g. two Chronowyrms out at once can result in their pathing causing them to overlap and result in only a single pet being visible.

i can make a clip if you need but i had 3 pets, 2 different chronos and my turtle, it seems the top pet from my 1st toon transferred over when i swapped toons.

thats not the right answer to that question XD,

the 2nd pet sometimes wouldnt appear at all, i generally tried to keep it to 1 chrono and 1 turtle

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Thanks! Will investigate.

How come you don’t have the alpha pack forum tag Raging??

Im apparently missing a lot of tags, i dont have the 1st post forum, or the alpha

The following video can show some of the issues I am experiencing.

  1. Stacking
  2. Pictures of sub-pets not visible

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