Bug with Wraith Bringer


I have a problem with Lich Passive : Wraith bringer .

I put 3 point on this passive, but after 3-4 hours of game and i don’t spawn any Putrid Wraith i don’t see them on my screen or on my Minion pool on the top left :confused:

I don’t know why he doesn’t work, but for sure this passive is broken for me ^^.

I play acolyte necromancer.

Are you killing enemies or are your minions killing enemies?

Good question :smiley: , I thought about it this night ^^’.

Nope my minions kill ennemies and i think is that the problem, but normally it should work no ?

Your minions don’t count as you, so when they kill something your character hasn’t killed it.

As this is working as intended I’ll mark the thread as solved. :smile:

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But does that really make sense? When playing a pet class, you’re primary method of killing things is your minions doing the dirty work.

Yes, since your minions aren’t you. In LE minions only benefit from affixes and passives that specifically mention minions. If your minions triggered this node you’d have a potentially endless cycle of minions summoning themselves. Though that could be mitigated by reducing the chance for minions to proc it.

I think you are both right ^^ for me it is supposed to work with minion as it is a hns. Maybe add information in description passive.

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