Bug with Warpath and triggering numerous skills, causes a large black circle around character, can no longer deal damage and becomes invulnerable

This video is of the second time it’s happened. Included in the description of the video is the lastepochtools build planner with the exact character in question imported, I will also link it here: Paladin, Level 69 (LE Beta 0.8.3c) - Last Epoch Build Planner

When channeling Warpath on my Paladin, I use it to trigger a large number of skills, including:
Smite, from Warpath tree
Path of Fire, from Warpath tree
Divine Bolt, from Paladin tree
Magma Shards, from Volcanus unique flamberge
Flame Burst, from Holy Aura tree

On two occasions I have had a large black circle like the one in the video appear around my character, and I become completely immune to damage and unable to deal any damage. This persists through changing areas, gear, etc, and will only end when logging out and back in. Notably I am still able to hit and be hit, trigger my on-hit abilities, be poisoned etc, I just take no damage and deal no damage.

That’s a known issue with Sigils of Hope, unfortunately it’s proving difficult for the devs to isolate & fix, so your log files from that run would be helpful.

happen to me also , here is the log Player-prev.log (1023.0 KB)

Player.log (355.7 KB)
Here is my player log.

This is a known bug. Very hard to reproduce internally because it’s rare. We are still investigating the cause.

Thank you for the report.

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