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Bug with the Focus skill (Skills with the Channelled tag)

Hello again!
Although I have already touched on this bug in another topic, I still would like to make it a separate topic so as not to lose it.
So, what is the actual bug? And he is as follows:
Skills with the Channelled tag are not used / canceled when the skill button is pressed / released quickly. This is expressed in the fact that skills with the “Channelled” tag and the “Cooldown” parameter do not start their cooldown and the character does not stop when moving.
**So what, how does this interfere with the game? Why is this a bug?**
This leads to the fact that items requiring Channelling are activated even without activating the skill with the Channelled tag.

An example of this is the Ignivar’s Head item and the Fire Aura it activates.

Actually, that’s the whole bug; D

That’s all! More bugs will be in other posts!
P.S. My English is so bad, but I hope you understand me

Yes, all channelled skills have a minimum channel time, though I can’t remember how much it is.

Not a bug.