Bug with Scorpion Babies

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When doing echoes in end game, the baby scorpions do not come with the scorpion. This requires switching the scorpion skill out before starting, then re-adding it and re-summon the scorpion in order to get the babies to spawn within the echo.


Also experiencing this bug, and it’s so frustrating. Would really appreciate a fix.

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Still getting this bug as well

The bug still exists!

Same issue with the baby scorpions. It’s a nuisance having to unsummon and resummon the momma scorpion every echo.

Also, the spriggan’s vale spirits don’t cast thorns like they’re supposed to.

No mention of this being fixed in the up coming big patch.

Disappointing. Its a large chunk of the scorpion skill tree made completely useless.

Another hotfix patch (beta 0.9.1.b), another day without this being fixed yet