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Bug: Weapons of Choice Bladedancer Node

The Bladedancer passive node, “Weapons of Choice” does not work with the Axe + Dagger combo. I currently have a pickaxe + kris equipped and am neither seeing leech damage reflected on the character sheet or in actual game play. I have tested this with 1, 2 & 3 points invested in the node and am seeing zero return on physical melee damage (lethal mirage, puncture, flurry, shuriken or shadow cascade) or physical throwing damage (umbral blades w/o ice node) performed.

Hey there, welcome to the forums.

Testing leech is sometimes very tricky to be sure if the effect is working as intended. Especially things. Like leech that work over a duration and that potentially can be small amounts.

How specifically are you testing this? Step by step process so that others can attempt to replicate the issue. It is very important to help the devs debug the issue so it’s best if you are testing with a very simple setup.

Also are you using any gear that effects leech e.g. there are items that negate all leech if worn, there are skills that change leech…

It would also be good to post your build setup (you can do this on build planner) as this issue may be caused by a very specific combination of factors.

I’ve just tried it with a Taste of Blood & Smoke Weaver and Exsanguinous, it was giving me physical leech. I was leeching back with Flurry & Acid Flask (the initial hit is physical), I had no other sources of leech or life on hit or similar.

I would therefore assume that the OP is using one of the items that prevents leech, such as Boulderfists or Xithara’s Conundrum.

My gut feeling too because I am pretty sure I have used that passive many times and never noticed a problem with the leech… Although, maybe there is some weird combination involved to… lets see what the OP replies.

So, a simple way to verify all of this would be to ask, is the Leech feature of Weapon of Choice reflected on the character sheet? If yes, the node is clearly not working. If no, then physical observation needs to take place & this should be reflected on the character sheet to prevent future confusion.

To answer questions, this is a low level character and is not wearing any uniques at all. And, as far as I’m aware, there are no nodes in Bladedancer that prevent the Leech mechanic so build is irrelevant (outside of the node in question), yes?

It wouldn’t be as it’s physical melee leech & there’s no line on the character screen for physical melee leech. And if they added all specific effects that could be present on a character, that would make the character screen massive & unwieldy. That said, they are working on re-working the character screen to give actual good information rather than … what we have at the moment.

I assume by “low level” you mean in the 40s-50s?

There aren’t, in which case, the only other thing I can think of is that you’ve got a mace equipped rather than an axe? What was the item base for the non-dagger equipped?

The build may not have anything but it’s always nice to have access to that data.

I quickly slapped together what I remember, pretty sure I’m spot on.

As far weapons, again, dagger & axe. Right now I logged off with dagger and dagger because the node wasn’t returning any value for axe+dagger but I made sure to retain the point so as I find axes I can test with them.

Is it possible that the node is simply returning a leech value that is so small it’s unnoticeable? Possibly. I’m not recording footage and measuring health return frame by frame nor do I plan on doing that.

If you use this button, it’ll upload the entire character for you rather than having to manually add stuff in.

Also, as an aside, apart from this node my character has zero leech return from equipment. I explicitly remember checking for that. So it’s not like the 2% granted here would be lost in another source of leech. It very well could be that the leech return is miniscule. But, that is also why I dumped 3 points into it before to see if I could see “chunks” of life return (even small ones) as I was getting hit. I observed nothing.

Also, if you’re not doing much physical damage then you won’t leech much & the leech amount is spread over 3s. It definitely worked for me with 8 points in it.

That’s fair. I’ll respec when I get on tonight to push 8 points into it and see if I observe an ROI.

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Also, how much damage were you doing off the top of your head? How much hp did your character have? Just to se ehow much of a movement on your hp bar you’d expect.

Mmmm… if I ballparked it, probably 500ish HP? Damage wise? Primarily using umbral blades with jagged carvings and the branching nodes to increase number of daggers thrown. I did use the ice node but respec’d out to test. Since there’s a bunch of daggers that do relatively low amounts of damage I made sure to pick up other skills (as described in the OP) to see if I could observe a more noticeable ROI; I did not.

But, as you said, it is spread across 3 seconds so it could just be my eyes that aren’t picking up the change. (fingers crossed for a more verbose character sheet in the future)


I just tested this on a char with no gear except:

  1. Pickaxe (base item, one handed axe)
  2. obsidian dagger with only physical damage
  3. I use Exsanguinous Chest to damage my health, then quickly swap to Titan Heart to stop any regen and have a fixed static health value (less than full health) to work from.

I have 8 points in Weapons of Choice which is a 16% leech rate.
I am using the basic attack - not a skill
I have no health on hit nodes and no other forms of health gain.

Using the base attack and hitting the dummy with only the dagger equipped…

  • I am doing 260 to 360 average non crit damage with just the dagger on the dummy in EoT
  • I gain no health whatsoever - stays static on starting health of 747

Using the base attack and hitting the dummy with both the one handed axe and dagger equipped:

  • I am doing about 320 to 470 damage non crit
  • Hitting multiple times:
    • My health increases over time to 820 from a single hit - from 747 - 73 healing in total
    • Second hit, to 871 - healing of 51
    • third hit, to 932 - healing of 61
    • fourth hit, to 1007 - healing of 75

I would say that the node is working…

So if its not working on your setup, then there may be some other interaction at play causing the issue…

Or just not enough damage is being done to give a visible increase in the hp.