BUG REPORT: I cant complete "A Study In Time" because the lich is there and not interactable

I already completed the Ruined Era questline, but never ended up getting the waypoint in “Ruins of Welryn”. When the quest “A Study In Time” came up and asked me to go to the ruins of welryn, the lich boss is still there, even though i killed him before, and he has no dialogue options so i cannot attempt to kill him again and get through. I tried going and killing his soul catchers manually, and he still has no dialogue. I tried resetting the zone and killing his soul catchers before i approach him, still nothing. I cannot get past him to go to the college.

This is a bug, but you should be able to get around this by heading up from the Cultist Camp instead of going through the lich.

I totally forgot i was able to go from there. haha im dumb. thanks for the help

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