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Bug report "crit chance"

Hey ho Crit Chance not Counting self with stuff over 100% crit actualy + its still 3% over base idk why cheers greets thapuckyman

second report Monolith & arena got no Mind. Level so you can easy start arena or monolith wíth lvl 15-25 cheers

third report
Void orbs from Void Knight make bugs that enemys get invisble (inside the radius of the orbs if they explode or stand / rotate) all gets invisble inside

fourth report
Arena debuff movement speed / stats reduced self after arena leave (relog fix it)

five report
Mark of Death top right side skill tree Desecration with skilling just the “mana use” go up nothing more it stucks on 5% dmg increase on marked mobs

:slight_smile: hope they are good infos for improve cheers

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