[Bug or Intended?] Wraiths to Blood Wraits with a Skele mage + Sacrifice

Necromancer Passive, Dark Retribution-> 12% Vanguard on Kill.
This is when i kill i can spawn ok. (Makes sense)

Skill: Summon Skeleton, Immortal → When Skeleton dies it has 40% to summon new one.
So when i skeleton dies it can spawn new skeleton.

Skill: Volatile Zombie, Awakening node → Chance to Cast 30% Summon Volatile Zombie on minion Death.

Whatever minion dies 30% chance to summon this zombie…

Skill: Sacrifice, Node Crimson Horror → Sacrificing Minions ALWAYS creates Blood Wraith (costs 15 mana form me however rules are Can’t create Blood wraith from Blood Wraith and can’t create if mana is negative or below -100) Sure makes sense

This only assembles when i cast on wraith Sacrifice i get Blood wraith. This should proc without my input?

When Mages use wraiths i get all others expect blood Wraiths.

What should happen: Whatever mages use wraiths as sacrifice they procs at all Wraiths to Blood.
What actually happens: It just sacrifices wraiths and never spawn new Blood Wraith.