Bug or Intended? Only SOME Fury Leap Applies to Maul

Skull Crusher node under Werebear Form says “Fury Leap tree now applies to Maul” however at least one branch does not appear to apply whatsoever while transformed. The entire branch from Warrior’s Entrance does not appear to apply. I can’t tell if Panther Strike works, but Ambush Predator appears to, so I imagine plenty of others would apply, as well. But, at least some nodes aren’t and there does not appear to be any explicit indicator of any exceptions.

Bug or intended? Big reason I wanted to try Fury Leap with Skull Crusher was that whole branch. If I get effectively nothing out of it, I’m feeling more inclined towards switching out for Upheaval as I’m going physical build.

If the tree isn’t working with Maul after you specced into it it’s a bug for sure.

This one made the patch notes as a known issue, so it’s a bug. Fix probably coming soon.