Bug interaction between lost knowledge(sorcerer passive) and harbinger of stars(unique belt)

When you cast the Meteor skill via the unique harbinger of stars unique belt you do not gain the ward from the sorcerer passive lost knowledge. This bug also happens with to the prefix [Mage Mana Spent Gained as Ward]. I included a log file with testing the passive. I don’t have the helm to log the prefix test anymore but i did try it and it is also not providing the ward when the belt proc’s a meteor.
You can recreate this bug by:

  1. have a sorcerer with the Lost knowledge passive allocated (or a helm with the[Mage Mana Spent Gained as Ward] equipped) and the unique belt harbinger of stars equipped
  2. use a skill (preferably with high crit) until the belt effect casts the meteor
  3. Notice how ward was not gained.

If this is working as intended please let me know but the wording seems like it should work. I hope this issue can be resolved as it breaks an interesting build I wanted to try but I know you have a lot on your hands so I’m not expecting much soon. Thanks for your time and for a really good game.
[Log File]-
Player.zip (144.5 KB)

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I noticed the same. Ruined my build idea for now :frowning:

Please acknowledge the bug. If this is intended, consider changing the wording of lost knowledge to “use directly”