[BUG] Hidden Gems


I’ve seen a lots of one year old topics speacking of this, and devs response saying that the problem will be solved on 0.7.7. but i still have this issue.
I made a new character and wasn’t able to even find these imperials assasins !

Is it possible to abandon a quest to restart it from the beginning ? It will be a great temporary feature to solve some problem and prevent players from deleting their character to restart the game.

Thank you for your work, devs. The game gets better, update after updates.

When i came back in the zone for the third time, i’ve finally seen imperials assassins. Quest completed. But i don’t know if i’ve missed them or if they simply didn’t spawn the first and second time.

Thanks for the report! We’ll keep our eyes out for it.

I am currently also having this issue: upon trying to complete the quest there were no assassins, or at least I did not see any. I assumed they would attack me and continued on my way. Now there is no quest marker, I do not see any assassins upon coming back to the area, and I cannot complete the quest. I will keep trying, since the OP seems to have been able to resolve the issue by continuing to go there, but I honestly cant even remember where they were supposed to spawn in that area and have to wander the whole thing hoping they pop up and complete the quest.

This quest definitely still has bugs! Hope the devs can figure it out :slight_smile:

Same issue here, this happened to me twice in a row on 2 different characters.

I also am stuck and cant complete this.

Any additional information regarding your progression around this time would be helpful. For example, did you immediately follow the quest steps? Did you move ahead to future areas before coming back to complete it? We’re continuing to look into this issue on our end as well. :]

Same issue here.
i immediately follow the quest steps untill the last one. Before to complete the last one step i went to complete the gold one. Then puff, can’t complete the Hidden Gems quest; stucked on “Defend yourself from the imperial assassins!”

Quest is also bugged for me. I teleported to town before assassins’ spawned. Would like my passive point.

I’m having a similar experience. I died shortly after the quest goal updated, and then logged out for the day. When I came back on, no assassins to be found or quest marker to follow (it shows up in the world map, but not in the specific location.)

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