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[bug]Can not load the game anymore

My computer: RAM 16G, I7-7700, GTX970.
After the patch 0.7.0C (0.70D didn’t fix it), I’ve been having difficulties loading the game. I can log in to the character selection, but after I select a character and load the game, the game freezes at the loading screen.
Restart, re-open, turn off other programs, none of them works. Out of 10 restarts there might be one or two I succeeded in loading…
Really really annoying

Edit: before the patch 0.7.C, it was working fine
Edit: found that I can not load one specific character, which is my main character a lv72 mage, wtf is going on

Very sorry about this! With how many variables there are, it’s very helpful if you can post log files after trying to load a character that does not work, as well as your system information.

If you know the build (skills/mastery class) and any unique items that character had, please let us know as well.

The most possible reason is after the the patch which changed the max value of a note from 7 to 4, I never got the chance to respec. So the 7/4 node causes problem?

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