Buffs to Invocations do not affect Antipode of the Rune Slinger

Passives which buff your invocationsdo not affect the runebolts fired from Antipode of the Rune Slinger.
(Just to be clear, I know that Unbridled Ruin and Devastating Starfall are broken for all invocations right now, but nodes like Elemental Lore and Word of Lagon, or in the RuneBolt tree: Cosmic Tapestry, all affect other invocations but not Antipode of the Rune Slinger)

Perhaps this is intended, since the Runebolts fired are affected by the Runebolt tree, and the logic could be that they’re associated with the player, not the turret firing them?
But it’s a little unintuitive when the projectiles from Hydrahedron are affected by buffs to Invocations, and it’s also just less fun when breweing.


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