Buff / Minion Icons Disappearing

When moving to a new zone all of my buff / Minion icons disappear. The only fix I have found is to relog. This did not start happening until I hit level 50 or so.

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This is a known issue, we’re keeping an eye on it internally.

Thank you

I’d add to this, that it seems to happen to me, when I summon a minion between all my minions dissappearing in preparation of transitioning zones and actually transitioning.
I’ve reproduced the bug a few times tonight by:

  1. Press “gateway” to new zone.
  2. All minions dissappear.
  3. I summon a new minion.
  4. Transition occours.
  5. I end up in the new zone, with all my minions, but icons have dissappeared.

Hope this can help your troubleshooting!

Good to know, thanks for the updated info.

Just wanted to add info for this. I have received this bug on both Druid and Necromancer.

With the Druid, the bug would occur when I entered a “gateway” while in Spriggan form. It would not occur if I was in human form. The minions were thorn totems, Spriggan, and Scorpion.

With the Necromancer, no idea what causes it. Skele mages, Bone golem, wraiths.

Hope this helps get it solved! :slight_smile:

Please keep knowing about this. Especially for necro this is a pretty game-breaking issue, you NEED to know how many minions of each type you have to play with that mastery.

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