Buff gold nodes

Was asked by Mike to post here instead.

With the current nerfs, it’s quite hard for COF players to gain more gold for stash space.

My solution would be to significantly boost gold nodes in the monolith, to actually drop an amount that’s worth it. at the current rate I dont even know how many gold nodes i would have to run to afford 1 200k tab.

I’d also like to see more gold from arena runs.



arena key nodes are the gold nodes xD 6-7k per key xD or u make a MG char that farms valuable items and sells it u make millions :smiley: CoF is acutally on the weak side… yes u get double rewards with a chance and better loot in general… but out of all the loot u still have to roll the right items and stats … everthing else is worthless… meanwhile MG chars farm valuable affixes on items and sell … some idols can make u 500k and more with ease… also some stats/statcombos bring millions…

I take it you do not get what this guy is saying and did not read patch notes that went live like 1 hour ago or so.

  • Arena keys now sell for 175 (from 6500)
  • Arena keys now sell for 175 gold (from 6500)
  • Arena keys of memory now sell for 265 gold (from 7250)

oh no i did not yet^^ well that sucks :smiley: gonna check out what else they fixed

ugh… they changed cof tome and the gold on keys but dont fix builds that are not intended in a way… where devs simply didnt think about makeing a skill… so 50k ward warlok is ok but ppl selling keys isnt :smiley: also they didnt fix wraithlord to not attack party member minions… guess we have to look at all classes highest in ladder and sort out the real top 1 player :smiley: