Bringing the Desecrated Flesh to, uh, "Life"

A couple of months ago we posted the concept art for the Desecrated Flesh.

We wanted to show you how the models are doing internally, talk about changes to the design made since we showed off the concept art, and also touch on some upcoming changes.

First, a quick recap - the Desecrated Flesh are created by the Immortal Empire. Raising skeletons into undeath has resulted in large amounts of discarded, unused flesh. One of the challenges faced by the Immortal Empire in their quest for dominance had been finding sufficiently large and reliable creatures to transport their supplies and machinery. Ever a pragmatic organization, the Empire elected to solve two problems at once, using the flesh to craft large beasts of burden - and thus the Desecrated Flesh were born.

To provide you with an update on the status of these enemies, we asked Dave and Brian to join us and model for a couple of images. Thanks for helping us with the post, guys!






One of the first changes you’re likely to notice is the lack of prominent exposed bones in their arms. During an earlier stage of their design, we had been interested in emphasizing their origin to drive home the atrocities committed by the Empire. Exposed bones, perhaps loose flesh hanging off their frames - really depicting these monsters as the stitched-together abominations they truly are, almost unravelling before your eyes as you fight them.

However, when looking at the design we were concerned that these elements may create an impression of the Desecrated Flesh being massive but weak - and this was a problem for an enemy which we specifically wanted to project a sense of immense strength; both for the reasons behind their creation by the Empire, and also the physicality of their in-game abilities when you fight them. Thus, the arms were redesigned to be more muscular.

We have also adapted the cloth covering their heads. The concept art showed this as being a loose rag, which we felt fit the messy, brutish design as a whole. As we made other changes to the model this started to fell out of place, however. They now wear a hood resembling what you might expect to see worn by an executioner.

The first Desecrated Flesh - our friend Dave - will be encountered dragging a massive rock on a chain. This will be something he occasionally uses in a fight; both swinging around him, and also occasionally slamming it down on anyone who gets too close.

The second Desecrated Flesh will also be tasked with transporting items. Unlike Dave, there’ll be no chains involved. Has Brian told you that he has been practicing spellcasting?!



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