Bring back exp gain while in grace period / invincibility

It just feels bad to run the story over and over for every character and the dungeon skip feels much less worth if you can’t get the exp from somewhere else.
After finishing the story once or twice it just feels bad to make a new character. It felt somewhat okay with the grace period in arena, but now I can’t really bring myself to invest another 8h+ into a character just to try out the nice idea I have for a class.

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Nah. If you want to get power leveled by someone else, you shouldn’t get to stand around AFK doing nothing with total safety.

If it “feels bad” to spend a few hours leveling a new character, you are playing the wrong kind of game.


No, I feel like I am playing the right game, bc I can easily change around skills in my class and passives.
And I will still need to play “a few hours”, bc I need to get passive points and idols and do the story skips and so on for that. I don’t understand where the sentiment comes from to prolong the time investment from 3h to 8h+.

As soon as you have some uniques to beef up your alts you can jump to monos at level 25ish-30ish, depending on the uniques you have. You can get to level 70 in as little as 2-3h. Then you can go back to the campaign and rush the idol/passive quests.

Do what i did for sanity. Download wemod offline, set yourself to 100. Go straight to the fun part. I aint releveling every time, saves your sanity, espc if your trying weird builds

Every time I’ve used any cheats in Grim Dawn I stopped playing it for a few months. It takes all the fun out of it for me.
In fact, I don’t have a single level 100 character. To me the fun is the leveling process and watching the build grow. Getting everything handed to me is boring.


I dont cheat in the gear itself. As the end game lacks. I just skip the leveling. If i do an indepth guide, for tier 3 of the BiS gear you would need to purely for sanity reasons. Not done any guides, as they are frankly boring content, dont think anyone would suffer through a 50 min show case of how to use and make a build

I was just pointing out that many players don’t like to skip the leveling. To them leveling is the major part of the journey.


Yup, as character development slows down I start to get bored.


Then I have a question: How does my gameplay with this affect other players, who want to level from level 1? It does not. They can still do as they like.

What does that have to do with what I said? I just said that many players like leveling, thus cheating it would ruin the game for them. You can do whatever you want. If you play offline you can even give yourself god mode. No one cares.

What this has to do with what you said? When I can level via Arena like before, how do I make the level process worse for other players? Every other player can play as they want and me leveling via arena would not have any effect on them.
It does not ruin anything for others because they can still level via campaign. But this change did not change anything for players who want to level via arena. It did not make the game better for players.
If I want to play offline, I would. But I want to try out stuff and then play with others online. I don’t know why you mention godmode or other stuff as I don’t want to use it and I never said it.

Again, I don’t know where you’re getting all that. I never replied to you. I replied to Viled’s comment that you can just cheat level to 100 in offline.

And I am referring to your point and bringing it back to the main point of this post? What is not to understand?

What I don’t understand is why you seem to be mad at a comment made about cheating that wasn’t directed at you or your OP in any way.

You made a claim/feedback/whatever, someone suggested cheating, I responded to that alone, because I have really no opinion on your issue. I do have an opinion on cheating.
I’m honestly baffled what your beef is.

I was answering it like the other guy who answered it. This post was made for discussion about the leveling process in online play and the restriction with the invincibility.
If you take your post, that I answered in the first place, you did not specify about cheating. The only specification is the answer, that I did not see at that moment. Same goes probably for the other person that answered.

Maybe you should go back and reread it. I replied to Viled about cheating, he replied back about cheating, I replied again. I didn’t need to say “cheat skip the leveling”, it was implied by the continued conversation.