Bridge from lvl 75 to lvl 90 MoF broken after unlocking lvl 90 MoF

Hey guys,

I unlocked the 90 MoF from the 80 since 75 is bugged, however the bridge itself refuses to open for me, despite the one from 100 working fine. As a side note, if it’s not obvious there’s also another bug in the screenshot where after a blessing is chosen the tooltip remains on the screen.


The bridge is working as intended. You specifically need to complete the branch of the level 75 timeline that unlocks the level 90 timeline to activate it.

We’ve seen a few reports of the Blessings bug but it doesn’t happen consistently. Could you please upload your log file so we can take a look? Was there anything unusual about how you selected the blessing? Has it happened multiple times?

Restarting the game will make the blessing tooltip go away.

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