Brash Skullen pet lost

When migrating from standalone client to the Steam client, apparently the Brash Skullen pet from the Ardent Champion supporter pack was deleted.
*[Log File]
Player.log (194.9 KB)

Screenshot of the MTX pet slot only showing the Juvenile Skullen pet.

Screenshot of the proof of purchase on the Ardent Champion supporter pack.


I apologize for the inconvenience of bumping this, but I am still curious how the Brash Skullen pet was removed from my MTX tab during the migration.

I’m having the same problem as well can’t seem to find my other pet I bought the champion supporter pack.

It is unfortunate that it happen to you too. I hope this gets fixed in the future. :\

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did you ever get it fixed I’ve tried, and they haven’t successfully helped me unfortunately?

Nope, still dealing with this issue too.

Have you tried opening a support ticket?

I been trying to find where I can open a support ticket, so I created this thread to report this bug.

Edit: More like I am not sure which bug report section this is considered to open a support ticket

Edit2: I sent a support ticket and crossing fingers this is resolved.

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