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Brand spanking new, thoughts on classes for a noob?

First off is there a sticky for new people?

Secondly, I am thinking to main one of the Primalist or Sentinel (Paladin) trees with maybe a rogue as an alt class. I have played a warlock, necro, mage in just about everything else and want a change regardless of power. Are Sentinel and Primalist noob friendly and decent for beginners?

It looks like core stats are tied to abilites and build more so than the actual class for the most part correct?

I saw this game in closed alpha a several years back and I am glad to finally try it. I wanted to express thanks to Boardman21. I saw your Youtube content and builds and it drew me in to try out the game. It looks like you have created quite a bit of content and builds that I definitely find helpful.

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  1. Yes (though they’re slower than the Rogue & not quite as “friendly” as a summoner necro)

  2. I’d say it’s the other way round, the skills are tied to specific stats & get 4% increased damage per stat. Acolyte/Mage spells are Int-based, Primalist/Sentinel spells are Attunement-based, Primalist/Sentinel melee skills are Strength-based & everything on the Rogue is Dex-based.

Thanks this helps alot.

Hm… I’d say mage - sorcerer is defenitely a nice beginner friendly class. Ranged in general is easier to play than melee. For Primalist a Shaman or Beastmaster is relatively “easy”.

Sentinel in general is harder to play, imho. Maybe it’s just me.

But the differences between classes aren’t that huge. If you understand the core mechanics and what to look and build for, you can play any class.

When you choose your skill set, make sure they scale with the same tags (i.e. strength, physical / fire, …). Then you collect gear with that tags as prefixes.

As a Lightning Sorc with Lightning Blast as main skill you are prepared for everything in LE :grin:


Whoops… I got something wrong with your OP. You alread played mage? So Rogue is awesome for beginners.

Welcome, besides the other usefull info the others provided, here are some other ressources:

Thanks yeah I always play caster mage or summoner/necro in just about everything I have played so was looking for something different. Might give rogue a try. Is Druid difficult?

If you’re looking for an easy Druid build to get your feet wet, and one that doesn’t require a lot of ridiculous items most people won’t have, try Cujo’s Lazy Bear druid build in the Primalist section.

It’s dead easy, very safe, budget friendly, and you’ll spend most of your time following your pets around and picking up loot. It’s not fast, though. He’s a lazy bear, all right. I’ve got one at almost 80. When I’m feeling lazy and want to watch a movie while playing, I fire up the old lazy bear. Give it a shot. It’s a good class to get your feet wet. You can run arena with it, but you’ll get bored pretty quickly. At least I did. I use it with monoliths.

I would say go with either rogue or sentinel.
I’m playing a warpath (whirlwind) sentinel at the moment and I found it pretty easy to understand. There’s a pretty good guide that I’ll link below.

Mage type characters usually are relatively easy to understand and build, in most games. I haven’t made one yet on this game, but I’m gonna assume it’s the same here.

Bleed warpath

So just to touch base, I have been playing BM with the buffed swipe (which seems pretty op so far), Bladedancer which has some mana issues (more gear dependent) so mainly just spam the shurikan armor and shift, and yeah rolled a necro which seems pretty fun. I really do like the game so far and the diversity of the builds. I am sure I’ll be playing everything since the Unique armors appear to be shared. Cheers! and thanks for your suggestions.