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Brand New, I want to buy Alpha to start playing but few questions

I want to buy this and have a few friends who would be interested in this as well but before getting into it I have a few questions:

Is the alpha server up 24/7 outside of maintenance/patches? Will it not be wiped until closed beta in 2019?

The alpha client is primarily offline.

The Launcher’s ability to check for updates, logging in, in-game chat, and in-game Arena leaderboards are the only things which require an internet connection to work correctly.

We are trying to avoid wipes but cannot guarantee that there will be none at all prior to the closed beta. Thus far there hasn’t been any (alpha started in August of this year).

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Ok Thanks, I bought the alpha anyways. Is there an Eta on multiplayer? Even if we can’t do runs together just being able to meet in a lobby and inspect eachothers gear would be cool.

There’s no ETA just yet.

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